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In the spirit of igniting the potential in our youth, the YOUTH 100 PROJECT is assisting South African less fortunate school leavers to study further in the specialised fields of Hair, Health and Skincare.
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Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Through the YOUTH 100 PROJECT, our goal is to assist those less fortunate school leavers across all race groups, including minority groups, in furthering their education in Hair, Health and Skincare and to ignite their potential to become leaders in their chosen fields.

Our Aim

Our Aim

By partnering with Corporates and individuals, our aim is to annually raise funds to enable 100 disadvantaged or working class Youths in the Cape Town Metropolitan area with above average Grade 12 results to study further and obtain an industry recognised and internationally accredited qualification in either Hair or Health and Skincare.

Our Objective

Our Objective

Our objective is to pursue experiential learning opportunities and internships at companies for the students who have successfully completed their studies through the YOUTH 100 PROJECT programme. These successful graduates could in turn one day become potential employees for those companies in the Hair and Beauty Industry or self employed entrepreneurs.

Who will benefit?

School Leavers from less fortunate backgrounds will be identified and selected as candidates to futher their tertiary studies in the fields of Hair, Health and Skincare.
get involved

Get involved

Corporates/Individuals can help with sponsorships and donations.

donate funds

Funds alocation

Sponsorship funds will be allocated towards paying the value of the course fee.

invest in our Youth

Invest in our youth

Corporates can offer internships or employment to these sponsored youth.


Change their lives

These sponsored individuals will benefit from industry recognised and internationally accredited qualifications in the fields of Hair, Health and Skincare.

Give them a future

Give them the future

Opening up doors for the school leaver and giving them an education they deserve.

South Africa

For a better South Africa

Ensuring a stable and better future for the youth of South Africa

Lets look at the situation in South Africa

The Issues facing our Youth today

Each of us is as intimately attached to the soil of this beautiful country as are the famous Jacaranda trees of Pretoria and the Mimosa trees of the bushveld - a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world.

- Nelson Mandela -
Unemployment rate of Youth (age 15 - 24)
Learners that qualify for Tertiary Education
Learners chance of entering university
Number of Minority Learners eligable for government bursaries

The Lack of Funding

In 2016, of the total number of students attending South African Public Universities, 26% formed part of the Minority Groups. They did not qualify for the Government “Free Education” NASFAS Bursary scheme due to their Race Group irrespective of the fact that financially many could have fallen into the disadvantaged or working class bracket.
Today there continue to be many Minority Group students who qualify to study at the 26 public universities but are not attending due to a lack of funding. The Youth 100 Project is assisting these students to achieve their dream of furthering their education by reaching out to companies and individuals to help sponsor or donate towards the cost of the students’ tertiary studies.


Account Name

Youth 100 Project


First National Bank

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Y100P followed by Name

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Hopeful Youth

Bursary Application

Learner must meet the following criteria before attempting to apply.

  • Only South African Citizens are eligible for this bursary.
  • Learner must produce their Grade 12 results upon submission.
  • Learner must not be older than the age of 24.
  • Learner must not have a criminal record.
  • Learner must not be permanently employed.
  • Learner must live in the Cape Town Metropolitan area.
  • Learner must have passed Grade 12 with at least a National Senior Certificate with admission requirements to minimum Degree level.
  • Remember

    If you give a person a fish, they will only eat for a day.
    Teach them how to fish, and they will never go hungry again.

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